How Crazy Have Liberals Gone? Here’s What They Say About the US Flag

looney left

More and more liberal college students are openly acknowledging their hatred for the American flag and what it represents. In a shocking new video, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz asks students on the campus of UC Berkeley –one of America’s most left-wing universities- their opinions on the ‘Stars and Stripes,’ and you won’t believe what they have to say.

“Sadly, there’s been a lot of controversy around some of our American symbols, like the national anthem, so I went to UC Berkeley to see what the reaction would be to another national symbol, the American flag,” says Horowitz.

The filmmaker then travels to Berkeley, California; chanting pro-American slogans and asking passing students what they think of the US flag and America in general.

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“Greatest country in the world, right?” asks Horowitz.

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“No, the complete opposite,” says one student. “It’s the one imperial power right now in the world,” responds another.

“F*** America!” screams one passerby.

In a staggering experiment, the documentarian then hoists the black-flag of ISIS, calling for the end of America and denouncing “western imperialism.” Shockingly, only one student is offended.


“The black flag of ISIS will stand over the White House,” screams Horowitz.

“Good for you man, good for you,” says one student.

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  • RMFM

    UC Berkeley sucks for one no US company should hire any grads from there and we should consider ratifying an admendment to kick California out of the Union !

    • tsitala

      I agree with you RMFM. Drop those big bad brave bellyaching babies off in the ME somewhere and see how long they run their big bad brave “F*** America” blabber holes. Little pissants. They’d be pi$$ing their pants & crying to come back here.

      Have a good Thanksgiving? Ours was great and we and my cousins and their spouses had a really nice time. Yesterday and today I woke up feeling better than I have since last Friday BTW, when my awful ordeal began at the hospital. Doing a whole lot better now, though not 100%.

      • RMFM

        Yes I did. and have’nt stopped eating yet, have’nt cleaned up my mess yet niether, once I’m out of clean dishes; oh I am out, well the fun begins ! Glad to hear your a whole lot better enjoying family is the best formula for fun and healing ! As always you put a smile on my face : )

        • Hey RM, How about emailing me some Turkey.. LOL Oh, and some cornbread. Haven’t had some cornbread in a while.

          • RMFM

            would you like it in “bits” : )

          • LOL Like I said earlier, I haven’t had Turkey in so long, I forgot the taste.. LOL I have been here in India with my Wife for 2 years now. They don’t have Turkey in this part of India.. *Sighs*

          • RMFM

            Don’t eat the beef ! May I ask what are doing in India ? Aerospace, engineering, or love ? I am always curious of those who live abroad .

          • I felt I needed A Change from My everyday Life In America. I wanted to study Indian Culture, so I came here. My wife is From India, so we just moved here. I will be a duel citizen of America And India in 7 years. Their culture is fascinating. I plan to go to Israel next.

          • RMFM

            Beautiful, I wish the absolute best to you both plus many Blessings ! That is as cool and the most awesome way I’ve ever heard of one changing their everyday life ! will there be a book ? : )

      • I am glad your Thanks Giving was good. Mine was ok, Though I am In India at the moment, Couldn’t find a turkey here. I had to settle for chicken.. LOL!

    • I sure wouldn’t Hire anyone from there. Too much baggage. I would have to worry about being sued for not letting them use their safe space on MY Clock.

      • RMFM

        then they’ll pull the free speech card ( which makes work a crime )

        • Right… Free speech is taboo to them until it fits their agenda

  • tsitala

    I’d be happy if you loaded up and shipped off the stupid babies to the ME. Drop them in terrorist territory, then let them scream “F*** the USA to their little black hearts content. See what they think of their ignorant azzes then. Coward blabber mouths is what you’d find. Could they find a “safe place” in terrorist territory? Will someone be there to give them a shoulder to cry on and a stuffed puppy? How about a good hot meal, a cell phone,……etc. etc. etc. Gee, for some reason I’d bet that they’d be needing new pants, and begging to get back to the states. That’s why, why give them a choice when they scream hate for a country they are freely walking around in and breathing in, enjoying all the benefits thereof, while their cocky little smart ass mouths run off at the end that was meant for sitting on a toilet? Load ’em up, drop them off in the middle of enemy territory in the ME, and see what the hell their fat mouths run off about then.

    • Kind of like when they “Screamed Helplessly at the Sky.” They should try that in another country. They would be executed for being insane.