Philippine riot police use water cannon on anti-Trump protesters during clashes


On Monday, Philippine riot police used water cannons and sonic alarms on hundreds of anti-Trump protesters in Manila.

Protesters held up signs that read “Trump Go Home” and “Ban Trump #1 terrorist”, AFP reports.

Law enforcement officials said nearly two-thousand people attended the rallies in the nations capital city.

The protesters clashed with Philippine riot police, who used a water cannon and high-pitched alarms on the crowd.

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According to an AFP reporter on the scene, six police officers were injured during the clashes with the protesters.

The AFP tweeted out the following video on social media which included the caption, “riot police have used water cannon and sonic alarms to repel hundreds of anti-Trump protesters near a major ASEAN summit in Manila.”

Strange, When you think that ISIS militants tried to take over the Philippines A Year ago.

If we were to leave Asia, N. Korea would take over.


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