Video: Nancy Pelosi Bashes Trump And Forgets what Time of The Day It Is

Nancy Pelosi

As The Trump Administration work to put together a tax plan, Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats have serious problems with giving the middle class and lower class a tax break. (Shocking) Many are calling for her resignation.

In the video, she studders and stammers as she bashes Trump and the new tax plan. In doing so, she forgets what time of day it is.  However, that is only the beginning. She uses people from the lower class and middle class as brainwashed pansies to try to convince the people to stand against the plan as well.

See Video:

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I thought the Democrats were for tax breaks for the Middle class and lower class… Interesting!!

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  • Zeek

    Stutters, not “studders.” Sheesh.

    • OK, Then where is “Sheesh” in the dictionary? Thanks, Grammatically correct, ZEEK.

      • Zeek

        Sheesh. I haven’t seen Pelosi building watches lately, but I could be wrong.
        By the way, I do this for a living; i am a freelance writer and editor/proofreader. I am therefore normally getting paid for it. But here, this one’s on me. You’re welcome.

        Definition of sheesh
        —used to express disappointment, annoyance, or surprise

        Definition of studder
        plural -s
        –a worker who inserts watch hairsprings into studs