North Carolina Muslim Turns Himself In As Gruesome Charges Revealed To Public


On a warm night this past June, a woman was raped in Raleigh. Details are still emerging about the attack that took place in the 5100 block of Hollyridge Drive in a quiet neighborhood. Even though reports shared that the woman knew her attacker, it took several months to make an arrest.

Recently, a Muslim man by the name of Mohammad Imthais Alam turned himself into the police on charges tied to the attack. Although the victim’s name and details of the crime have not been made public, the charges speak volumes about what occurred that evening.

Alam is currently being held without bail on a laundry list of criminal charges. These include first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping, assault on a female, assault by strangulation, second-degree forcible sexual offense, and false imprisonment.

Even though the first-degree rape charge is severe, local authorities felt the need to add the second-degree forcible sexual offense charge to cover all the events of that June evening. The first-degree rape charge includes the suspect using a weapon, inflicting severe injury on the victim or having an accomplice. The act of forcing the sexual act is covered by the added charge.

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It is shocking to think about what the victim endured as she was held against her will, strangled and raped. Because the details of the attack have been withheld, the real horror of that night may never be fully understood.

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When something as scary as a brutal rape happens, we would like to think this is an isolated case. Sadly this seems to be an emerging trend in North Carolina as we looked at the variety of sexual assault cases brought to court recently against Muslim men. This may lead many to the conclusion that there is far more going on than just a random attack here and there.



In Durham, North Carolina, Isam Fathee Mohamed Rahmah also turned himself recently on charges tied to sex crimes. In this case, Rahmah is accused of using his ice cream truck to lure young boys to be abused. Two victims have come forward to say there were sexually molested inside the ice cream truck. He is also Muslim and a refugee.

Rahmah is being held on $1 million bail for several counts of first-degree kidnapping and indecent liberties with a minor. When police found the ice cream truck, it was clear it was set up with all sorts of things to lure children inside.

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At this time, only two victims have come forward with attacks occurring in mid to late October. There are police concerns that he may, in fact, have more victims as he has been operating his ice cream truck in the area for some time. Local police put out a press release asking for other parents with concerns about the red Ford van with North Carolina license plate PCZ-3617 to make contact.

Authorities suspect Rahmah was living out of the construction van turned ice cream truck. It was well-known in the area, and they are asking for any other information about this crime to be reported to Investigator D. Mussatti at (919) 560-4440, ext. 29349 or CrimeStoppers at (919) 683-1200.

With a violent rape and the ice cream truck kidnappings under investigation, this is not even the end of the cases in that state. There is also another pending case against a Muslim refugee that was said to expose himself to women, attempt to rape them and even make threats against them. These attacks occurred in Cary, North Carolina at the end of 2016.

While each of these cases has a slightly different type of victim, the level of violence and sexual assault is consistent. What is even more troubling is that this is a small collection of ongoing arrests of refugees in the state of sexual abuse or rape charges.

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A local website that tracks this type of data shared that in September alone 19 refugees were arrested in North Carolina on 85 charges tied to child sexual abuse. These arrests spiked in April of 2017 with 24 arrests on 132 charges linked to child sexual abuse. Each month the numbers have remained at a similar level in North Carolina. There have been more than ten individuals arrested as refugees on this type of charge every month this year.

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