Leaked Report Reveals The Worst In Refugee Shelters As Muslim Violence Rages On

refugee camps

Refugee camps in Germany are out of control. While the level of crime is something many within the country refuse to address publicly, a recently leaked report makes the problem very clear. The flood of immigrants into these camps is putting a massive strain on local police as crime takes over each site. The camps are no longer under government control, but instead in many cases being run by Mob like groups of refugees. These groups stop at nothing to control families within the shelters.

According to a report that was prepared for Markus Ulbig, the interior minister of Saxony, an account by a staff member at a shelter puts the situation into perspective. The report shared:

“A maintenance man who worked in a refugee shelter reported ‘mafia-like’ conditions. Refugees were required to pay for access to the electrical sockets there.”

The report not only exposed “mafia-like” conditions but also put real numbers to the level of crimes at these shelters. In the first nine months of 2016, 40,000 crimes were reported in shelters all over Germany. This is a staggering 150 crimes every day!

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Of the 40,000 reported crimes, there were:

139 murders or attempted murders

510 sexual assaults

17,200 physical assaults


While these numbers are high, experts caution that they may not even touch on the real levels of criminal activity since for the most part these crimes are not reported. These numbers only follow crimes that are formally reported.

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In close quarters where refugees live under “mafia-like” surroundings, most crimes are not reported out of fear. There is always a chance something far worse will occur as retaliation for reporting the first offense. In many refugee shelters, people are housed with those who are from a variety of backgrounds and ethnic groups. Often these groups may clash in their native home, so this only adds to the tension.

The initial report was put together for only one city, Saxony. Some may assume this is the worst of the worst. Others point to the idea that perhaps this is a situation that is unique to Saxony. The problems with refugee camps and violence are not limited to only the shelters in Saxony. This is a widespread trend that covers each shelter in Germany.

In Saxony, there are currently 40,000 refugees living in camps. In those camps alone the crime numbers for 2016 are downright sickening, although again not entirely accurate as the many crimes go unreported. The numbers are as follows:

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10 murders
7 rapes
ten sexual assaults on children
960 physical assaults
671 cases of grievous bodily injury
268 cases of drug trafficking
hundreds of incidents of theft, coercion, arson, brawls, and attacks on police officers.

The numbers for the first half of 2017 are not much better. They have already seen 960 physical assaults, 671 major injuries, seven rapes, ten sexual assaults of children and 268 verified reports of drug trafficking.

Issues in Saxony are not even the worst of it. Some want to point to the idea that maybe these refugees are falling victim to the communities around the shelters but this is not the case. In Baden-Württemberg for example, 87% of the crime victims in the shelter reported other refugees as being the perpetrators.

Berlin officials recorded a shocking 2,000 physical attacks, 86 rapes and three murders in their shelters. According to local officials:

“The fact that there is an accumulation of criminal offenses in refugee shelters is not surprising. Cramped spaces, wearisome waiting, constant noise and unrest and an uncertain future generate aggression. There are also ethnic and religious conflicts. Many Syrians cannot deal with Afghans, many Serbs do not deal with Iraqis, many Muslims reject Christians, many Sunnis do not want to deal with Shiites.”

In Hamburg, local officials are overwhelmed by the number of cases of sexual abuse in shelters. In 2016 there were a total of 200 sexual assaults against women and children reported in shelters. During the first six months of 2017, they have already hit 219 reports of this same crime. They are on pace to double the number of sex crimes in the shelters. In every one of these cases, a woman or child was the target.

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Gangs have also become an emerging issue for many shelters. In Schleswig-Holstein rival ethnic groups have formed gangs to protect their interests in the drug trade. The shelters see massive brawls over turf on a regular basis. The same happens in Bavaria and Lower Saxony.

Whether we are looking at the daily violence or shocking crimes like the castration and murder of a 28-year-old man in a Bavaria shelter, these places are apparently not safe for anyone. Refugees seemed to be left to fend for themselves in a sea of sexual predators, abusers, drug dealers, and murderers. There is no wonder why most are afraid to report the crimes they see on a daily basis.

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