Notice Anything Unusual In This Photo of NYC Terrorist? Take Another Look


The recent terrorist attack in New York City is no exception. Political correctness is running amok as the liberal media is suspected by many of whitewashing the terrorist’s image in order to make him appear less dark.

It appears the Left’s obsession with race has intersected with their guiding principle in the wake of a Islamic terrorist attack: Don’t demonize radical Islamists and their “Religion of Peace.”

Enter CBS, who apparently thinks NYC terrorist Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbekistan national who slaughtered eight innocent people yesterday with a rented Home Depot truck, is more white than he is anything else.

From Conservative Treehouse:

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On the left is the actual picture of 29-year-old Saipov; on the right is the version of the picture that CBS broadcast, used in newscasts and also put on their website. Notice any difference?



Something’s a little off, no?

Here’s CBS’s tweet:

Interesting, isn’t it?

Many people were surprised to learn the NYC terrorist Sayfullo Saipov is a white male:

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