Amid Islamic Terror Attack, Trump Called For Death of ‘Diversity Visa Lottery’ Program


President Trump criticized Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer this Wednesday for his contribution in starting and developing the program that apparently allowed an extremist in our lands.

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, green card holder from Uzbekistan, run over pedestrians with his rented van before he crashed into a school bus.

He then got out of the van and started to wave fake firearms and yell “Allahu Ackbar.”

The 29-year-old extremist, who authorities suspect may have been connected to ISIS according to Arabic notes found in the vehicle and some materials form his laptop, injured many people and killed eight.

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As a result of this horrific incident, Trump called for stricter immigration policies.

As reported, Saipov came to America in 2010 through a program called the “Diversity Visa Lottery,” he was a “visa winner,” but as it turns out this wasn’t a win for the American citizens.

The Diversity Visa Lottery it’s a program developed with the help of Schumer 20 years ago, the Congress approved the program as a part of the Immigration Act of 1990 and was in effect in 1995. And since the conservatives have fought against in pushing for merit-based immigration, but the liberals defended it.

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President Trump started of his tweets with a quote from Col. Tony Shaffer, who said, “Senator Chuck Schumer [is] helping to import Europe’s problems.”

“We will stop this craziness,” Trump added.

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