Lewandowski on Mueller Report: Speculation ‘So Insane,’ Focus Should Be on Clinton Lies

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking in the wrong place if he wants to find collusion with Russia, Corey Lewandowski, who was President Donald Trump’s first campaign manager, said Saturday.

Multiple media outlets reported Friday and Saturday that a grand jury has handed up an indictment in Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

It is not clear what the charge will be or who will be charged.

The indictment was sealed under orders from a federal judge, but could be unsealed Monday, Reuters reported.

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During an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday, Lewandowski said Trump did nothing wrong, and that Mueller should investigate Hillary Clinton instead.

“Look, the speculation is so insane right now,” Lewandowski said. “What we should be focusing on are the continued lies of the Clinton administration — the continued fallacies that they perpetuated.”

Lewandowski said he was “certain” that that any charges have “nothing to do with the president.”

He said Mueller could be targeting individuals who were on the fringes of the campaign.


“If there are bad playcers on the outside that had a periphery or a small role in … the campaign, my guess is these charges have nothing to do with the campaign whatsoever,” Lewandowski said, according to The Hill.

He was emphatic that Russia had nothing to do with the campaign, which he led from its inception through the spring of 2016.

“There was no collusion, cooperation or coordination with Russia,” he said.

Lewandowski said news of the indictment does not mean Trump will be awash in troubles. “The dam is not breaking,” he said. “The only thing breaking is the Democrats.”

Writing on The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway said the discredited dossier that was filled will unproven allegations about Trump is a key to Mueller’s investigation. Her article was cited in a tweet from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

This week, documents revealed that the dossier’s development was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

“Yet because of this dossier, and its selective use by intelligence agencies, we have a special prosecutor running a no-holds-barred investigation into Trump that … has gone into areas that have nothing to do with Russia or the 2016 election. We have two congressional investigations into alleged collusion of Trump and Russia,” Hemingway wrote.

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