Jerry Falwell Jr. Encourages Conservatives to Call Out ‘Fake Republicans’


Jerry Falwell Jr., the chancellor of Liberty University and well-known Trump supporter, has said that conservatives should push back against so-called “fake Republicans.”

According to, Falwell made the comments in an interview with Breitbart, the right-wing news website headed once again by Steve Bannon after Bannon left his short-lived position as President Trump’s adviser.

“I’ve coined the term ‘Fake Republicans,’” Falwell said in the interview. “There are four or five ‘Fake Republicans’ in the Senate and many in the House.

If they can be replaced in 2018 – the political class needs to go. If the people can go out and find candidates like Donald Trump who have been successful in the private sector and go out and primary those people…”

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Although he has received criticism for his support of Trump, Falwell continues to back the President without reservations. “They’ve got to go,” he said, referring to the “fake Republicans.” “And I think if they go, Trump is going to be the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln,” he continued.

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Falwell also said that he supports Bannon, another highly controversial figure.

“He’s probably the only guy who could organize an effort to primary out these,” said Falwell concerning Bannon. “I keep saying ‘Fake Republicans’ because that’s what they are.

They deceive their constituencies into believing they are something they’re not….


These moderate ‘Fake Republicans’ – they play the people. They mislead them. They pull the wool over their eyes. I just think that’s the worst type of deceit in politics.”

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