Clinton Campaign and DNC Paid for Research Behind Russia Dossier

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in the famous Steele dossier, which posited that connections exist between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Sources cited in the Washington Post story did not disclose dollar amounts paid to the firm that conducted the research, but they said Clinton’s campaign and the DNC shared the cost.

That firm, Fusion GPS, hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Marc E. Elias is a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign as well as the DNC and made the decision to work with Fusion GPS in April 2016. At that point was funded by an unknown GOP client while the primary was still going on.

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Steele gave reports and other documents to Elias, but one source claimed that he or she was not aware of the role of Steele’s work.

The people aware of the matter claimed that the Clinton campaign didn’t direct Steele’s research.

Trump on Saturday called on the FBI to release the information about who paid for the dossier.

Fusion GPS hasn’t named the Democrat or group behind Steele’s work despite congressional Republican objections, citing confidentiality agreements.

Last week, Fusion GPS invoked the Fifth Amendment to not answer questions from the House Intelligence Committee. Its founder has however previously given an interview to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Fusion GPS has been fighting the release of its bank records and has until Friday to negotiate a resolution with Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.).

Immediately following the Washington Post article being published, New York Times reporters pursuing this story complained about the Clinton camp denying it. They accused Elias and Clinton’s team of lying to them “with sanctimony” for the last year.

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