Gold Star family releases audio of Trump phone call that totally DESTROYS another Left-wing lie


The widow of a U.S. soldier who was killed in Afghanistan has released an audio recording of a consoling phone call she received from President Donald J. Trump that puts the lie to the latest disgusting Left-wing attack on the commander-in-chief.

“I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation,” Trump can be heard telling Gold Star widow Natasha De Alencar, who lost her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar. “What a horrible thing, except that he’s an unbelievable hero.”

“Thank you,” she replied, as reported by The Daily Caller. “I really, really appreciate it. I really do, sir.”

In addition, the president offered her the opportunity to come visit him at the White House if she ever makes it to Washington, D.C.

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“If you’re around Washington, you come over and see me in the Oval Office,” Trump said. “You just come over and see me because you are just the kind of family…this is what we want.”

Continuing, Trump said, “Say hello to your children and tell them, ‘Your father, he was a great hero’ that I respected. Just tell them I said, ‘Your father was a great hero.’”

The commander-in-chief noted further that fellow soldiers who served with De Alencar praised him as well, saying he “was…just an amazing, an amazing guy…and that he’s a great hero.”

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The audio of the call was released after Trump was attacked by another Gold Star family and Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida, who accused him of being “insensitive” when he called to console the widow of U.S. Army special forces Sgt. La David Johnson.


As reported by Natural News:

Wilson said that Trump was ‘dismissive’ of Johnson’s widow, Myeshia, saying that her husband “knew what he signed up for” when he enlisted, adding that “when it happens it hurts anyway.”

“Yes, the statement is true,” said Johnson’s mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson. “I was in the car and heard the full conversation. Not only did he disrespect my son,” she said, but also the soldier’s father and his widow.

Trump immediately pushed back, saying she was lying about what he had said and that he had “proof” of it. After the charge, he tweeted that Wilson, “totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof).”

Others have come to the president’s defense, including Craig Gross, whose son was Cpl. Frank Robert Gross, told CNN that Trump’s “words are basically being taken and misconstrued.”

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President Trump is doing a lot of good things as far as Gold Star families are concerned,” Gross said. “I believe that if you interviewed him personally, one on one, you would find that he is very, very empathetic and very compassionate, not only toward Gold Star families but also in regards to our active duty.”

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly also came to the president’s defense while slamming the vileness of the allegations made by Wilson — who, up until now, virtually no one in American knew outside of her little Florida district.

“There’s no perfect way to make that phone call,” Kelly said. “If you’ve never worn the uniform, if you’ve never been in combat, you can’t even imagine how to make that call but I think he very bravely does make those calls.”

He told reporters at a news conference Thursday that he had even advised the president not to make the phone calls just because they were so difficult. However, he said Trump wanted to do so because he believes it’s the right thing to do.

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“He said to me, ‘What do I say?’ I said to him, ‘Sir, there’s nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these families,” Kelly said.

Once more, another disgustingly dishonest Democrat, aided and abetted by the same disgustingly dishonest legacy media (CNN comes immediately to mind) have concocted yet another lie to smear this president…and it doesn’t matter one bit to them that they’re using the loss of American soldiers just to score cheap political points.

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