22 Rohingya Muslims posing as refugees arrested for alleged role in massacre


The Western media continues to tell only one side of the story regarding the Rohingyas. Authorities in Bangladesh and India know another side. This is also another interesting sidelight to Europe’s refugee crisis.

“Exclusive: 22 Rohingyas posing as refugees arrested in Bangladesh for alleged role in the massacre of Rohingya Hindus,” Times Now, October 7, 2017 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

Amid a raging debate over the deportation of Rohingyas from India, Times Now’s exclusive investigation has revealed why Centre has taken the stand it has.

22 Rohingya Muslims, who were posing as refugees, have been arrested in Bangladesh, The Times Now has learned. The 22 people are allegedly linked to the massacre of Rohingya Hindus in Myanmar.

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The same forces are believed to have attacked Bangladeshi forces earlier and Pakistan’s deep state is believed to have trained this group of 22 Rohingyas.

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