VIDEO: Reports Of Car Striking People Outside London Museum


A number of people were injured Saturday when a car mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum in London and struck pedestrians, according to media reports.

Scotland Yard said on Twitter one man was detained at the scene. Police said emergency services were on the scene in South Kensington, the Associated Press reported.

The crash happened at 2:20 p.m. on a day when the central London museum is usually teeming with pedestrians including international tourists. Photographs showed a dented silver car and a man being pinned to the ground outside the museum, AP reported.

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Police said they were working to establish the circumstances and the cause. Although Metropolitan Police said a “number” of people were injured, a BBC reporter at the scene said she was told by police the injuries were minor.

BBC reporter Chloe Hayward was leaving the Natural History Museum as the incident happened. “I could see … a car diagonally across the road, looking like it was going into one of the boulders on the side of the road, and I could see a crowd of people around what was clearly one or two people on the pavement,” she said, according to the BBC.

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One witness told Sky News that police arrived in his nearby shop shortly after the incident and ordered the staff and customers to evacuate the store.

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