CONFIRMED: Obama used secret government surveillance on his political enemies during the 2016 election to help Hillary get elected


New evidence has emerged to show that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under Barack Obama did, in fact, wiretap former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders both before and after the 2016 election. According to reports, government officials under Obama had, indeed, listened in on Manafort’s private conversations, including those that took place with Donald Trump, as part of a covert plan to take down the President.

Before November 4, the goal of the snooping appears to have been to prevent Trump from winning the election, instead fixing it for Hillary Clinton. After Clinton lost on election day, however, the wiretapping continued, presumably as part of the Democrats’ plan B, which was to accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians to “hack” the election in his favor. Though the wiretapping is said to have ceased not long after due to a lack of evidence, a special counsel led by Robert Mueller has since resumed the witch hunt against Trump for his alleged ties to Russia, which is still an unproven claim being parroted by his political opponents.

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Meanwhile, raw details about Obama’s involvement in secretly wiretapping Trump and his campaign team continue to emerge – this, despite months of mainstream media mockery against the President for daring to even make this claim, which has since been proven true. These details suggest that a sitting president who was about to end his second term was himself directly involved in trying to throw the election of his rightfully elected successor. Instead of Donald Trump colluding with the Russians to win the presidency, it appears that his Democratic opponents are actually the ones who are guilty of such meddling.

In order for the FBI to reinstate its investigation of Manafort, it had to receive special approval from top Department of Justice (DoJ) and FBI heads. This approval, as well as necessary information that the courts would have needed to grant a second warrant, would have had to have been procured while Obama was still in office, revealing that the former President’s administration had apparently made a concerted effort to go after the President-elect via his campaign chairman. Reuters earlier reported that federal investigators had actually plotted to “flip” Manafort in order to create leverage against the President.

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FBI interest in Manafort dates back to at least 2014, sources claim

But the FBI’s focus on Manafort didn’t begin in 2016. Sources claim that the agency had flagged him as far back as 2014 when federal investigators were looking into the situation of Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukraininan president whose pro-Russia administration was taken down amidst a growing wave of civil unrest at the time. Yanukovych’s “Part of Regions” had been accused of corruption after authorities alleged that he siphoned millions of dollars out of the country.

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U.S. investigators have ever since been probing Manafort, his consulting firm, and other related firms, looking for clues as to his alleged involvement with Russian groups that may have tried to steal the 2016 election. These firms include the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, both of which had close ties to the former Ukrainian government. Thus far, no credible evidence has been brought forward to tie the Trump administration to Russia.

But there is evidence that seems to suggest that Obama’s FBI had been actively surveilling not only Manafort but possibly even Trump himself, though the latter can’t be conclusively proven. The FBI also listened in on conversations had by Carter Page, a campaign associate that Trump, while he was still running, referred to as a national security advisory. Page is said to have been a target of Russian spies who had attempted to “cultivate him,” which prompted the FBI to obtain a FISA court warrant back in 2014.

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