NO KNOCK WARRANT! FBI “Picked” Manafort’s Lock To Gain Entry Into House!

Paul Manaford

Why did the FBI pick former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s lock? They could have just shown up at that time with a regular knock on the door. It seems that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is trying his best to put fear in the heart of Manafort in an attempt to gain leverage over Trump’s guy.

That was so unnecessary. Just serve the warrant in broad daylight. Can you imagine if Manafort heard the FBI picking his lock and grabbed a gun to protect his family and home from the “intruders” and a gun battle broke out? Is that the way the FBI wanted it to go down?

And yet Hillary Clinton was able to make an appointment to turn over evidence after her team had gone through emails to determine what was “relevant.”

Manafort was still in bed when federal agents who were granted a “no-knock warrant” picked the front-door lock of his Virginia home in July, The New York Times reported Monday night.

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After agents took documents, copied computer files, and photographed expensive suits in Manafort’s closet, Mueller, who is the special counsel in charge of the Justice Department’s Russia probe, warned Manafort that his prosecutors were planning to indict him, two of The Times’ sources said.

The newspaper also noted the differences between how Mueller’s team handles its two most high-profile subjects: Manafort and former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Where some members of the Trump team have been invited to speak with Mueller’s investigators, Manafort and Flynn have received grand-jury subpoenas.

Part of Mueller’s investigation has involved Manafort’s longstanding ties to Russia-linked groups, including a Ukrainian pro-Russian separatist movement.

Manafort has been the subject of at least two Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants — in 2014, and again last year. The most recent warrant’s authorization stretched into early 2017, according to a CNN report on Monday night.


The Question is: who in the Mueller Cabal is leaking information about what the investigators are doing. How do we know if Mueller told Manafort that he was going to be indicted? This is a solution looking for a problem, not an investigation.

Let’s thoroughly investigate Mueller and his team of Democrats, and I will guarantee that we will produce some lawbreaking event to indict every one of them on. If you recall, we were told that James Comey was a “straight shooter” with an impeccable reputation. How did that play out? Mueller is no paragon of virtue either. This is going to get ugly.

How do you feel about Manafort’s lock being picked in the dead of the morning? Did they expect confrontation? What would have happened if Manafort defended his home?

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