Campus Anarchy; When Enough is Enough


America’s college campuses have long been a place where our youth learn to spread their wings, grow into adulthood, learn responsibility and become educated in a wide variety of professions and careers. A college is a place where a youngster is supposed to learn not just book knowledge, but learn how to think in a broader framework and become problem solvers.

Except for West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Acadamy, most if not all college campuses have over the past two centuries been the focal point for untold amounts of protest. Women’s suffrage was the hot potato just after the turn of the twentieth century, and our colleges saw many, many protests as female Americans fought for the right to become voting citizens.

College campuses have long been a ground zero for so many major issues throughout our illustrious history. Wars have been protested, social injustices have been picketed, and even Presidents have been called upon to resign their posts. Throughout these hundreds and hundreds of examples of social unrest and upheaval, we have never seen anything as we have recently witnessed.

The major differences in today’s college protest and the protest from decades gone by are frightening. Once upon a time, students would hold signs, walk through the streets, give some speeches and the surroundings were left intact. Not anymore! Today, the students are not necessarily just students any longer. Today, the students have aligned themselves with groups such as Antifa (an anarchist group), Black Lives Matter (another anarchist group), and more. Today, they don’t just march, then speak and go home. Today, they march, loot, break windows, torch buildings, cars, destroy property and anything else they can think of to cause as much chaos as they can.

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Between Black Lives Matter, La Raza, a complicit media, and liberal politicians, the narrative has been put out that if you disagree with these youngsters and their cause, then you by definition are a bigot and a racist. Consequently, city officials, local politicians, state and federal leaders are terrified at calling these thugs out for what they mostly are. The last thing a town’s mayor wants to be known as is a racist or right-wing zealot. Remember, you’re a right-wing zealot if you disagree with Antifa burning and looting.

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Is this true acceptance and tolerance? I doubt it.

America, it is time to end this absolute insanity. Colleges and Universities are supposed to be the home of learning. Part of learning is being educated on acceptance of thought. This means if we are going to have a week of listening to speakers, then we need to hear from speakers from all sides of an argument, not just one opinion or position on a subject.

The University of California at Berkeley has long been a liberal institution. Berkeley has seen speakers from all aspects of politics for a hundred years. Today, they seem to have become much more narrow-minded than they once were. Berkeley welcomes speakers such as Bill Ayers who teach hatred for America while burning down the town if a Conservative Milo Yiennapolis wants to show up. All the while, not one local politician speaks out against the criminals who are destroying the city and school.

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Currently, the Federal Government is subsidizing the University of California system to the tune of over $9,000,000,000 in grants annually. Of that, U of C Berkeley will receive some $3.7 Billion in grants and loans.


I am certainly not advocating that funding be pulled from our University system. Many colleges have incredible research and development programs which require large amounts of financing. Johns Hopkins, for instance, is one of the biggest recipients of government assistance, but in turn, they also have one of the largest research programs in medicine in the world today.

One of the most troubling developments stemming from these latest civil disobedience occurrences is the statistic that our students are drifting toward the belief that violence is a good thing. In a recent poll, some 19% of our students believe that using violence is proper to shut down speakers. Another 51% say it is alright to shout down those attempting to address their crowd.

In the end, this is what is happening across our nation today. Conservatism is being silenced through rioting, protesting, shouting down, violence (up to and including assaulting conservatives) and many other forms of intimidation. The once ‘oh so liberal and accepting left’ doesn’t want free speech, they want their speech to be the only speech. Colleges like Berkeley accept billions of your tax dollars but don’t want to teach the Constitution or the First Amendment. The First Amendment only applies to their ideological viewpoints.

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America, it is the time we ask our elected officials to stop funding these Universities that don’t want to endorse or protect altering viewpoints or free speech. If Susan Sarandon can speak, then Joe the Plumber should be able to speak. If Rachel Maddow is allowed to give a speech, then Milo should be allowed as well. Our colleges and universities have left the realm of education and are now entered into indoctrination. When colleges hire people like Bill Ayers to be professors, then we have a problem.

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