Trump Hopes to See “Significant Progress” in Middle Eastern Peace

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Donald Trump has made his entrance at the United Nations General Assembly, and according to CBN News, has already begun talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two leaders have discussed the recent behavior of Iran in the Middle East, as well as the possibility of peace between Israel and Palestine.

“‘I think Israel would like to see it and the Palestinians would like to see it,’ said President Trump. ‘I think there is a good chance it could happen.’”

His thoughts were reiterated by Minister Netanyahu, who hinted that Israel was open to peaceful discussion. These responses have come as something of a surprise given Trump’s long history of criticizing the U.N. However, his rhetoric appears to have softened since the General Assembly convened.

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  • The Bible says it will appear to happen. The Bible also says the Anti-Christ is the one who brings the peace. (Let that sink in)

    • Pan

      Mahmoud Abbas, please tell me that was what you are talking about and not Trump.

      • James Ledbetter

        We shall see… I am really paying attention to that. The bible clearly says the antichrist brings the 7 year treaty. I hope it isn’t Trump.

        • Pan

          So do I, it took me awhile to accept him as a nominee but then he changed my mind, especially knowing Cruz was in bed with the RINOS.

          • Yeah, I was going to vote for Cruz too. I just wasn’t sure about him after a while.

          • Pan

            What did it for me, as I may be repeating myself, is Johnathan Falwell supported Trump even when Cruz came to speak at Liberty University. I happened to be there for Cruz’s coming out for candidacy and his speech was captivating. Also there for Trump and he was awesome.