MSNBC Ignores Refugee Status Of Suspected London Bombers

Terror Attack

In their Monday news updates about the London subway bombing, MSNBC conveniently left out the refugee status of the two arrested suspects.

The 18-year-old arrested in connection to the bombing is an Iraqi refugee, while the 21-year-old arrested suspect is a Syrian refugee, but MSNBC seemed reluctant to share that information with their viewers. In at least five references to the arrests on Monday, the network never once mentioned the suspects’ refugee statuses.

Not only are the suspects refugees, but the Iraqi refugee lived in a foster home known, and even honored by Queen Elizabeth, for fostering hundreds of refugees over the years. The 21-year-old Syrian refugee also lived in the same home. The home was raided by terror police on Saturday, another fact not mentioned by MSNBC in their news updates.

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“A second arrest has been made in connection with Friday’s London subway attack–a 21 year old man was arrested for a possible role in the explosion that injured 29 people,” one MSNBC anchor said.



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