CNN: Trump May Have Been Part Of Manafort Wiretapping [VIDEO]


CNN correspondent Pamela Brown indicated Monday that the federal government wiretapping of Paul Manafort may have captured his conversations with Donald Trump.

A new report revealed today that Manafort’s communications were under government surveillance both before and after the 2016 presidential election.

Trump tweeted in March that phones in Trump Tower were wiretapped by President Barack Obama, a claim that was wholly denied by the Justice Department.

However, Brown explained why the new report could give Trump’s claims some validation.

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“What is possible, Don, is that [Trump] was picked up on the Manafort surveillance and we should note that Manafort does have a residence in Trump Tower,” Brown explained to CNN host Don Lemon, “but it is not clear if the FBI did surveillance on him there.”

The new revelations may give some credence to Trump’s past claims of wiretapping.




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