Liberal Students Triggered by Professor Who Says Men and Women Are Different

According to feminists, women are no different than men – except, of course, when they get triggered by free speech that makes them feel bad, which more often than not prompts them to demand that something is done to silence all opposition in order to make them feel good instead. Now, Liberal Students get Triggered by Professor who says Men and Women are different.

This was the response by a group of feminists to a recent op-ed published by Quillete explaining why more men than women tend to enter the field of computer science and coding.

Entitled, “Why Women Don’t Code,” the article, written by University of Washington professor Stuart Reges, argues that women lean more towards verbal excellence, and are thus less interested than men in sitting at a computer all day long performing doldrum programming tasks.

It’s a matter of personal choice, and not discrimination, in other words, that comprises the current demographic makeup in the tech field, argues Reges – a completely logical assessment that, ironically, has triggered feminist liberals at the school who believe such observations to be inappropriate.

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“[O]ne should never attribute to oppression that which is adequately explained by free choice,” Reges writes in his article. “If men and women are different, then we should expect them to make different choices,” he adds.


It’s the “men and women are different” part that seems to have prompted some members of the Seattle-based school’s student base to lash out. They even went so far as to create a petition calling on the school to issue an official statement of disapproval with regards to the article’s publishing.

“Do you think the [school] should have an official response to this article?” asks the petition, created by a group known as Members of the Diversity Allies, which describes itself as “allies to underrepresented groups in computer science.”

“If yes, what response to this would you like from the Allen School?” asked another of the questions on the petition.

Members of the Diversity Allies ultimately got what it was looking for, as UW administration later released a statement reiterating the school’s commitment to “diversity and inclusion.”

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“This is a good time to reaffirm our values,” wrote Hank Levy, director of the UW School of Computer Science, in an internal email, adding that the school “disagrees with the conclusion” of Reges’ article.

Hurt “feelings” of irate feminists prove that men are different than women

Observing the absolute irony of the whole situation, Reges commented about how the hurt “feelings” of the feminists who oppose his article and its conclusion prove his point to a T.

“The response was all about how my article made them feel,” Reges stated during a phone interview with Campus Reform.

“It reminds me of this 18th-century view of women – they’re so fragile they need the smelling salts ready because they could faint at any moment.”

Adding to this point, Reges highlighted an incident involving a former coder at Google who earlier this year filed a class action lawsuit against the search engine giant for allegedly discriminating against conservative white males.

“There was one group of people saying: this made us feel bad, and thus made us feel inferior. On the other side, you have these very logical men saying that Damore’s arguments are logically correct,” Reges emphasized.

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As for UW attempting to please its “feminazi” base, the school says that its ongoing “diversity efforts” are working and that more women are now entering the field of computer science – which automatically means equality to leftists.

“As you can see … women are interested in CS (computer science), and they do code!” Levy wrote in an email to Campus Reform.

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