Trump Offers 1 Million to Warren to Prove Her Native Heritage

I am gob-smacked by the hypocrisy of the liberals at times. I really shouldn’t be surprised when they accuse the right of appropriating some group’s culture while doing that very thing themselves. Recent history gives us Rachel Dolezal a white woman who identified as a black woman and was a leader with the NAACP. So, Trump offers 1 Million to Elizabeth Warren to prove her native heritage.

That takes some nerve. Lying and karma eventually catch up with you and just this week Ms. Dolezal, who changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, was charged with theft by welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance.

How about Caitlynn Jenner being named woman of the year in 2015 by Glamour magazine? Democrats seem to be able to become something they really are not merely by declaring it to be true. When your parents told you that you can be anything you want, this is not what they meant.

You cannot change your race or your sex no matter how hard you try. You can wear a costume to look like another race or sex but not if you’re a Conservative and certainly not on Halloween. Then we have Liz Warren who claims her great-great-great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian which makes her part of that community. She was also told she has high cheekbones so what more proof do we need, right?

She even published a book of recipes called Pow Wow Chow. The origin of some of those recipes is in dispute but I digress. While there is no proof that claiming to be an Indian furthered Warren’s career at the University of Pennsylvania and then Harvard, let’s not kid ourselves.


These schools and Harvard in particular, boasted about having a woman who was also of Indian heritage on their staff to show how diverse they were. President Donald Trump repeatedly refers to Liz Warren as Pocahontas and last night at a rally in Great Falls, Montana, said that he would offer her 1 Million dollars to the charity of her choice if she would take a heritage test and it proved she was in fact Indian.

Ms. Warren of course declined and instead sent out a deflective tweet accusing Trump of destroying the lives of detained illegal immigrants and of course she trotted out the usual liberal hysterical hyperbolic hooey about ripping babies from their momma’s arms.

More hypocrisy since Liberals have no trouble ripping babies from their momma’s wombs by way of abortion. They justify this by saying it is better to abort the child than to let Conservatives starve it to death after it is born. They are preventing the child from suffering because they care more.

Sure they do- (insert sarcastic, bleeding eye roll here). All of this begs the question of if white privilege exists, why do these people have to use fake minority and gender statuses to acquire wealth and powerful positions?