Watch: Feud Erupts On ‘The View’ After CNN Commentator Insults Republicans

Erupts on ‘The View’ After CNN commentator calls Republicans ‘cult-like sycophants’ Tara Setmayer The women of ABC News’ “The View” feuded on Friday when a CNN commentator, who was a guest addition, referred to Republicans as “cult-like sycophants” who are afraid to speak out against President Trump. Now, watch the Feud erupts on ‘The View’ after CNN commentator insults Republicans!

The show’s lone regular conservative, Meghan McCain, didn’t take kindly to the remark. She destroyed the panel by exposing their Trump derangement syndrome.

The View, comprised of a panel of women with only one being a Republican. Here is another look into the liberal bias of the left wing Hollywood machine. In this, we have three videos comparing the T.V. show “The View’s” position toward conservative values and candidates.

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After a recent appearance of both Kellyanne Conway from the Trump Campaign, and Robby Mook from the Clinton Campaign, we remembered a video from a while back featuring Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

The video above shows the difference between how conservatives are treated on their show compared to liberal or progressive minded guests. If you are a Republican, you really aren’t welcome there.


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