The left’s mad hysteria about Trump – This is Their Problem

Every day, we find that the left has come up with something else stupid to say or do. Their madness over Trump is very telling. So what is going on with the left’s mad hysteria about Trump – This is Their Problem.

In 1841, Charles Mackay wrote the classic psychological study, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. He observed: “We find those whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion and run after it.”

Holland’s Tulipmania and the Salem witch trials are history’s most notable examples of mass hysteria. The pathology relies on an emotional loop. The delusion feeds the crowd and the crowd feeds the delusion until the whole thing becomes large and unwieldy.

The election of Donald Trump whipped a segment of American culture into a frenzy. Their hashtag – #TheResistance – is emblematically absurd, suggesting cultural marginalization that simply does not exist.

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If you are an uncritical sap who wishes to be affirmed in news programs, movies, and late-night comedy bits, you are showing pliancy, not resistance.


Their self-deception would be mildly entertaining except for one thing: the deluded get to use the institutions of government and media to indulge their fantasies. They can fixate attention upon any claim, however far-fetched, of Trump-atrocity.

It does not matter that Trump-atrocity was Obama policy just 20 months before with no attendant outrage. The claim of Trump-atrocity feeds the emotional loop.

Consider, for example, the recent illegal immigration fury. The resistance refused to consider any factual distinction that would disrupt their self-indulgent moral pose.

Fact: President Trump was simply enforcing the laws Congress passed.

Fact: The “cages” as they were called were hastily constructed detention centers in use during the Obama administration for the same purpose.

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Fact: The process of administering immigration laws requires such an intermediate place for processing applications and denying entry to the unworthy.

Fact: Ellis Island was a detention center surrounded by water with buildings to medically quarantine any child showing signs of disease before putting him or her on the next ship home.

By ignoring these facts and inventing others, the hysterical left managed to turn a modern version of Ellis Island into Auschwitz.

Then there is this Russian collusion fantasy. The left’s self-regard had always been rooted in the idea that they are champions of the common man. When the common man rejected them, Bruce Springsteen himself could not explain it except as a fraud.

They responded by fabricating an alternative reality where they were unfairly denied the presidency. Putin did it!

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There is no evidence of Russian collusion, nor could any of its devotees describe, if pressed, just how Trump and Putin stole the election.  The facts that have been uncovered about the investigation’s reasons and sources are beyond compromise. Any of them alone should be enough to discredit the whole thing.

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