Saving America and The Great Awakening

America Great Awakening

For decades, America has been on a decline. Why do you wonder? Since the discovery of America, wars have been fought over land, gold/silver, power, control, and slavery.  How can we save America and what was the great awakening?

North versus South, good versus evil, right versus wrong, freedom, liberty, prosperity for the elite and not others.  North America aka America was founded on Christianity by Great Britain aka England.  Spain and Portugal branched out to discover new lands and territories in South America, Caribbean Islands, and Africa.

Great Britain began growing and expanding their newly discovered North American continent and with their Protestant Christian religion, Crown laws and African slaves declared the discovery of America.  After a time, the New Americans wanted to be free of the Crown of England and therefore crafted a document of grievance, known as the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence; which led to the Constitution of the United States.

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Upon the signing of this Declaration of Independence, which led to our country’s wonderful Constitution, the people of the New America were free from the crown, except for parliamentarian laws.  At first, Christianity was a strong family and government stronghold. Before the major shifting of population, beliefs, ideology of freedoms and liberty, The Southern Democrat Party used to be the party of Conservatives, the ones fighting for truth, justice, and living by our Constitution.  The Northern Republican Party was of capitalistic, self-serving, liberal, progressive ideology.

The long history of political party switching or changing goes back centuries; however, the two major parties that rule our government are now the Liberal, Socialist, Fascist, Marxist Democrats who hate the constitution, have no moral compass or compassion for human life and the Constitutional, Conservative Republicans who fight for liberty, freedom and our constitution.

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The dramatic switch has many fighting over who’s right and wrong, who can tell the country what they can or can’t say or do. The radical left Democrats have totally done a 360 from their original party platform and the corruption, greed, and antipathy for our Constitution have risen to an all-time high.  America was almost destroyed by the Liberal Democrat’s and their anti-American, hate-filled rhetoric. True Conservative, Christian Republicans continued the original Democrat party in order to protect America and our Constitution.