Tucker: The Left Makes Everything About Race by Design

According to the left, everything has become racist. Things we eat, movies we watch, and music we listen to. Sadly, this is predicted to get worse. Why? Because we as conservatives stay largely silent.  In the video, Tucker Carlson explains why The Left makes everything a race issue.  

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As an avid political junkie and full-time writer, James Ledbetter worked for Blasting News for 3 years. During that time, James gained over 45,000 readers, reaching people from all over the world. His work has been promoted by thousands of writers and a few politicians. Since starting with Western Free Press in May of 2018, James has gained close to 100,000 new readers and is currently one of the top-ranked writers for the company. James writes thought-provoking political articles on a daily basis. Favorite quote: “If content is king, then research is queen.”

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