The Double Standard Of The Left Is Now Blatant And In Our Face

For a group of people who are ultra-sensitive about political correctness, left-wingers seem to be quite comfortable about attacking right-wing women. They attack Rosanne Barr, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, and Kelly-Anne Conway. We know you have noticed that the double-standard of the left is now ‘blatant’ and in our face. 

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As an avid political junkie and full-time writer, James Ledbetter worked for Blasting News for 3 years. During that time, James gained over 45,000 readers, reaching people from all over the world. His work has been promoted by thousands of writers and a few politicians. Since starting with Western Free Press in May of 2018, James has gained close to 100,000 new readers and is currently one of the top-ranked writers for the company. James writes thought-provoking political articles on a daily basis. Favorite quote: “If content is king, then research is queen.”

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