Trump Reveals What Mike Flynn’s Plea Deal Really Proves About Russia Investigation

Following the mainstream media feeding frenzy kicked off by Friday’s news that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had pleaded guilty to charges related to his making false statements to the FBI, some might reasonably have expected President Donald Trump to express concern about Flynn’s future testimony to special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigators.

Apparently, they would be wrong.

The president tweeted about the investigation Saturday morning, stating that he had “nothing to hide.”

He had expressed similar sentiments the night before, Independent Journal Review reported.

Asked whether he was concerned about what Flynn might say now that he has agreed to cooperate with the investigation, the president said simply, “No, I’m not.”


“What has been shown is no collusion,” Trump also told reporters as he was leaving to attend several New York fundraisers, according to Breitbart. “There has been absolutely no collusion.

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“So we’re very happy,” he added.

NBC reported that an anonymous source close to the White House described Trump as “blindsided” by the news of Flynn’s plea deal.

Nonetheless, Trump’s apparent nonchalance was justified, at least according to one source close to the legal team working with Mueller’s investigation.

“There is simply no factual basis to implicate the president,” that source told The Washington Times. “He’s got nothing else. What you see in the criminal information is it. He’s empty.”

Trump lawyer Ty Cobb issued a statement shortly after the news of Flynn’s plea deal broke, according to Business Insider.

“Today, Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser at the White House for 25 days during the Trump Administration, and a former Obama administration official, entered a guilty plea to a single count of making a false statement to the FBI,” Cobb’s statement said.

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“The false statements involved mirror the false statements to White House officials which resulted in his resignation in February of this year. Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn.”

President Barack Obama appointed Flynn to head the Defense Intelligence Agency before firing him later over what The Times called “policy differences.”

“Flynn’s guilty plea to a single count of making false statements is the least serious of any the offenses he could have faced,” Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett wrote Saturday. “It is likely he will be given probation.”

“But it would be a mistake to conclude that Flynn’s commitment to cooperate with the special counsel means that President Trump is in legal jeopardy,” he added.

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