Freedom Watch Sues in Court To have Mueller Removed for Leaks

Freedom Watch, a conservative watchdog group, filed suit on Monday seeking to remove special counsel Robert Mueller from the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, citing the endless leaks from Mueller’s team and his obvious conflicts of interest.

The group’s suit named Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray as defendants in their action.

Freedom Watch focused on Mueller’s team’s leaks to the press that have kept the constant drum-beat of the investigation front-and-center. This, in and of itself is a crime!

Since the inception of the Mueller Investigation, a pattern of a persistent torrent of leaks has emerged and considering their nature, it is clear that the majority of these leaks are coming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his staff, most of whom are suffering from serious conflicts of interest.


The nature as well as the quantity of these leaks make it clear that they are coming from the USDOJ and/or FBI, and Mr. Mueller’s legal staff, which are technically under the direction and control and authority of USDOJ as well.

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What Mr. Mueller’s staff is focused on, their progress, activities, and even what they are thinking are being regularly reported in the news media on an almost daily basis.

After sitting numerous examples of media coverage based on leaks from Mueller’s team, the action goes on to site-specific conflicts of interests, which included Mueller and his staff. This to is a clear violation of the law that Sessions, or anyone at Justice, seems to want to pursue.

28 CFR 45.2 mandates that no USDOJ employee may participate in a criminal investigation or prosecution if he has a personal or political relationship with any person or organization substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution, or who would be directly affected by the outcome.

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And finally, they request that Mueller and his team be investigated for the criminal leaks as well as conflicts of interest and that Mueller is removed from Special Counsel.

A writ of mandamus compelling Defendants to conduct an immediate, thorough investigation into torrent of leaks coming from Mr. Mueller and his staff, as well as unethical conflicts of interest, pertaining to the Mueller Investigation and an order compelling Mr. Sessions and the USDOJ to order the removal of Mr. Mueller and his staff from the investigation when the investigation reveals that the leaks did originate from Mr. Mueller and his staff.

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It will be interesting where this goes. If current trends in D.C. hold, it is likely this will not amount to much, but at least the legal doors have finally been forced open to begin discussing the shutting-down of this out-of-control witch-hunt against President Trump.

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