Video: Hospital Left Baffled After Patient ‘Teleports’ Into Ceiling

When the nurse returned, the man was gone. It was as if he had spontaneously disappeared from his hospital bed.
Hospital staff and members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) conducted a search of the entire facility.
See Video:

They also checked surrounding area, but no trace of the vanished patient could be found.
Thirteen days later, the man’s body was found inside the ceiling of the hospital in what’s been described as an “isolated area.”
Hospital staff and police have no idea how he could have gotten there, particularly in his post-operative state.
Sounds like ol’ fashioned teleportation to me.
Western Cape provincial health department spokesperson Mark van der Heever issued a rather terse statement which basically boils down to the fact that nobody has any earthly idea what happened here:
Prior to his disappearance a nurse was attending to him. When she went to get clean linen‚ the patient disappeared. Sadly, the patient’s body was discovered 13 days later in an isolated area in the ceiling, which is difficult to reach.
There is currently construction work being carried out at the hospital which also contributed to the difficulty of the search. The circumstances relating to how the patient got access to the ceiling are currently being investigated.
This one sounds a little too fishy if you ask me.
While many of the stories we cover here make major headlines and circulate the entire blogosphere, it’s the small under-the-radar stories where you really find the higher strangeness.
Could this man have somehow teleported into the ceiling, or could some sort of run of the mill man-made foul play be afoot?
There have been a few cases of seemingly spontaneous teleportation documented throughout history, but, as usual, concrete evidence is scarce. Until further evidence in this case is disclosed, it remains a mystery – a weird one.

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