VIDEO: Is He Really A Boy From Mars? Russian Whiz Kid Stuns Scientists With Knowledge Of The Universe

Here is the curious case of Boriska. Scientists have been left perplexed after a 20-year-old Russian boy claimed to have lived on Mars in his previous life.

Boriska Mipriyanovich, who hails from Volgograd, has stunned experts with his knowledge of outer space and has said that he resided in ‘war-ravaged’ Mars, which suffered from a nuclear catastrophe in the distant past.



Boriska’s mother said he was a special child as he could hold his own head up unassisted just after a few months of his birth.

He also started speaking in a few months and discussed subjects that they had never taught him. He also amazed his doctors by reading, writing and drawing by the age of two.

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Boriska spoke about alien civilization from a very early age. He said that Martians who measure about seven-feet tall still live on Mars and breathe carbon dioxide.

He added that Martians are immortal and stop aging when they are 35 years old and are also capable of interstellar travel. The boy repeatedly claimed that he was a Martian pilot and had traveled to earth!

Interestingly, Boriska also revealed that there is much more that has to be discovered on earth and the Great Sphinx in Egypt holds the key.

“Human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly,” claims Boriska.

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