College Students HATE Obama’s Policies When They’re Credited to Trump


College students seem to disagree with President Obama’s policies when they’re under the impression that they are President Trump’s accomplishments, a new video from Campus Reform reveals.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey recently visited the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia, to get students’ opinions on Trump’s first 100 days.

Instead of getting reaction to Trump’s accomplishments, however, Phillips and Athey actually asked the students about things Obama did during his first 100 days in office.

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Students were quick to turn on Obama’s liberal policies when they believed they were associated with Trump.

When asked about Obama’s “Apology Tour,” one student said the former president “overstepped his bounds.”

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“I think it’s a bad thing for him,” another agreed.

As for Obama’s $700 billion stimulus package, one student said it was “really reminiscent” of Nazi Germany.

“Knowing that Donald Trump is the one proposing it probably means that there’s some turd in the punchbowl somewhere,” another said.

Students also were not fans of Obama’s executive order to loosen statute of limitation laws to make lawsuits easier, calling it a ploy for Trump to make money for himself.

Watch the Campus Reform video above.


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